Euphrosine of Chestnut Tree

The Cheerful Soul

Euphrosine (= Greek: mirth) came to us in August 2005. Sine, as her name suggests, is an open-minded cheerful dog. She is very exploratory. Furthermore, you can see contentment on her face at all times.

By adopting Euphrosine from a Dual Purpose litter, our family grew and now had another female Golden Retriever from the kennel Of Chestnut Tree.

In addition to her joyful character and excellent coat, Sine also has an outstanding ability to retrieve. She is a good marker, keen on using her nose, and reliably applies learned skills.

Sines basic training was more hunting related. Since I would like to go hunting down the road, I continued with Sines training including marking concepts, casting, tracking, and quartering.

Our "Madame Plush" is also quite a water lover, though she rather likes "long time swimming" which means, Sine can endure swimming up to 20 minutes at a time.


In the summer of 2010, Sine had her first litter. By keeping Mystic and Chester from the litter of six puppies, we increased our Golden Retriever pack. I hope to successfully continue and enhance the original breeding line Of Chestnut Tree.