Belana of Chestnut Tree


* 09-03-2001
† 11-18-2011

Our love for Golden Retrievers started by giving Belana a home in the fall of 2001. She became our very first dog, winning our hearts extremly quickly.

Because of "Lana", we became acquainted with, in our opinion, the most beautiful and best dog breed. Together, my husband and I did our first steps as dog owners. During this process, Lana held our hands and gently taught us what we needed to know.


After ten years of good health, our deeply beloved Belana developed a uterine inflammation. Sadly and unexpectedly for all of us, after her pyometra surgery, she fell asleep forever (peacefully smiling as she always did). We will keep Belana forever in our hearts the way she was: friendly - impish - cuddly - precocious - patient - sensitive.


Stud Book # DRC-G 0116977
Breeder Heike Hesse
Breed Permission 04-29-2009 - qualified for Hunting Dog Performance Breeding
HD: A1 (eq. Excellent)
ED: Borderline/Borderline (between Grade 0 and 1)
Eyes: Clear (08-15-2005)
Conformation Test
Very Good
Steadiness to gun shots: steady, interested. Good size. Feminine head, very good expression, excellent pigment. Muscular, symetrical body. Petite front. Concerning movement: forelegs slightly rotated, hindlegs slightly narrow.
Temperament Test


The 24-month-old female Golden Retriever showed good Will To Please. Her innate working abilities became particularly evident. During the test towards unknown people, the dog was friendly and steady. In a circle of people she was confident and unimpressed as well as in the supine position. The dog is stress tolerant regarding optical and acoustic impulses. She is unyielding to gun shots.

Trials WT (Temperament Test), BHP/A+B (Companion-dog Test), APD/A, APD/F